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We came to Carz Planet in July 2013 to look at a minivan. We were asking the salesman basic questions like "how many owners", "has it ever been in an accident", etc..

The salesman told us it had NEVER been in an accident. We decided to purchase the vehicle. Approximately 1 1/2 months later we tried to trade in the van for a better model only to find out our van had been in an accident. The dealership told us the accident on the Carfax affects the trade in value of the van.

Thinking it might just be that dealership we consulted other dealerships and even a private appraisal firm. All of them confirmed that an accident reported on the carfax decreases the value of the trade. We contacted Carz planet and they said they would work with us, except for 4+ months we were lied to and nothing ever happened. They wouldn't take our calls, they wouldn't call us back, they belittled us, and continually lied to us.

They said they would try to find us a new van (we emailed them EXACTLY what we were looking for and how much we could afford), they found one a purchased it and then told us it was going to cost us $59 more per month then we said was our max.. the lies kept coming over and over!

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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you made your own choices, dont be mad because you have a history of making bad decisions, LOL

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