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I spent hours on the phone with three salesmen, two so-called sales managers (or was one a so-called customer service specialist) was told "We will get back to you in such 'n such a time...never heard back, or I had to call them (and once again, telling my life story to yet another "Rep") We were asked to "Bid" on the price of the car we wanted to buy, our offer was approved for that price, and later, when called from yet another Finance Manager, he asked at what price they were accepted said "What?" to the figure I gave him. (as if to say our "bid" was too low or whatever).

They claim to be so "Different" and outstanding with regards to their "Customer Service". So far, from all the "***" and being "Left in the Dark", we're left with no car and feeling like the "Ultimate Mushroom".I guess if you have nothing better to do than to deal with yet another sleazy car dealership, that Carz Planet would be your next choice for your humiliation and degradation. Happy Hunting!!

P.S. BUY from Private Owners for a buying experience with allot less grief and allot more "Customer Service"

Monetary Loss: $2.

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