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Not everyone has perfect credit and lots of people go through hard times. I am one of those people. I needed to find a dealership that would work with y unique circumstances.

I had called in and spoke with Greg who assured me that they would be able to finance a car for me after I explained my situation. I believed him to be empathetic and understanding at the time.

I drove over an hour out to the dealership and the day was fraught with red flags.

First, let me say... they did get me approved for a car, but event that was messy how they handled it.

Here's a quick synopsis of my experience....

1. I had completed an online application and they didn't pull it even after I expressed that I completed one online. It felt like a brush off and disrespectful of my time.

2. I hated the first car I qualified for and James, the manager, went to bat for me and got me into a car that I liked and worked for what I needed. (this is why they get one star) James rocked. Greg tried to get me to be happy with the first car instead of recognizing it was not what I wanted. He had no gumption to provide good customer service.

3. Greg was a lame *** excuse for a sales person. He could do absolutely nothing. Every time I asked a question, he acted dumb and had to go find a manager to answer my questions. He was ill informed and indifferent. I felt like he only cared about the deal closing for his own benefit. I would have preferred to work with James or the finance manager directly instead.

4. When I took possession of the car, I didn't realize that I had an empty tank of gas. I was disappointed as I have never bought a car that was on empty. I've bought both used and new cars and I have always received a full tank of gas before I drove off the lot. ALWAYS! Greg promised that when he received his next paycheck that he would be "willing to get me gas, Cause I appreciate your business" per his text message to me. 40 days later, I reached out since it's been more than a month since his promise.

His response to my text asking if he was going to fulfill his promise was offensive. Here's his direct quote.

"People are so funny these day, The New Meliniam Generation is Dam Lazy it's Pathetic. When I bought a car, No one gave me gas for my car. I feel bad for your Mother. I think it's time for you to get a real job and be responsible. Have a Nice Day... Thanks"

#1 I am NOT a millenial

#2 I have a job and get paid well

#3 You do not bring anyone's mother into anything

#4 This is an inappropriate response with or without the original promise in place.

5. My income situation at the time of purchase was unique and the week after the deal was closed I received a call from the Underwriter tell me that they needed income documentation. I was confused as I provided all of my income documentation at the time of purchase and was under the impression that my loan approval was based on what I provided. I found out that the dealership did not submit any of my income paperwork. What I find funny is that they left the funding of their loan in the hands of their customer, rather than making sure it was handled for all parties involved.

6. They set up car insurance for me. Fine. No big deal, you would think, but they did not provide any information to me about my policy at all. I thought it was in my paperwork when I drove off the lot. It was not. I had to call back in for proof of coverage. Once I called the Insurance Carrier, I learned they did not set up my policy correctly either. They never asked me for my limits that I wanted. They also put all of their dealership information in as the contact information. If I had not called and sought out the details, I would never have received my insurance details.

7. Follow up... There has been zero follow up from the dealership on the purchase of my vehicle. This has been the worst customer service experience to date and I have purchased at least a dozen vehicles in the past. I just hope they send me my license plates at this point.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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